Welcome to Aberdeen Choral Society

A message from our Chairman

Dear Choir Member

As we approach the end of 2020, I thought I would take a moment to reflect. As I mentioned in our last Zoom meeting this time last year we had taken part in a carol concert in St. Mark’s Church with the Acclamations and of course we enjoyed a thrilling performance of Messiah in the Music Hall along with the Bach Choir - a tremendous occasion which Peter Parfitt, the Bach Choir’s musical director, regarded as the musical highlight of his time in Aberdeen.

We have of course enjoyed a number of Zoom meetings and thanks are due to Paul for arranging these. They have been very interesting and gave some insight into the background and musical development of the interviewees and how they have dealt with the Covid situation.

Since we took the decision to cancel our March concert we have been looking ahead to see when we are likely to be able to meet up again and despite some glimmers of hope I fear it will be some time yet before we are able to do so. I suspect it will only be once the vaccine is available to the public on a large scale and Covid numbers decrease sufficiently. Suffice to say I fear season 2020/21 will be written off in entirety. Your committee will monitor things and, who knows, there may be a possibility of doing something in the summer.

I will conclude by wishing you all a healthy and happy festive period despite the limitations imposed on us and we can hopefully look forward to a better 2021 – in the meantime stay safe!

Kind regards