Welcome to Aberdeen Choral Society

We are beginning rehearsals on 6th September with our new Musical Director – Professor Paul Mealor. This will be in Queen’s Cross Church at 7.30 pm.

The plans for the new season of Aberdeen Choral Society are not quite so firmly fixed as in normal years; we may have to be flexible as the weeks go by but at least we can start.

Please read through the document on the EVENTS page carefully so that you know how things are going to be organised.

The choir will be arranged in the usual sections with the usual geography so on entering the Sanctuary go to a seat in the area you expect to be singing. It is a little difficult to plan ahead on this as we have no idea of the numbers who will turn up but maintain the 1 metre distancing rule as you move to your place.

Finally, just before you leave home check that you have your pencil and your copy of the Messiah.

We look forward to meeting you all again and welcome any new members who would like to ‘give us a try’